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Anime News / Yuukoku no Moriarty – 14
« Last post by MitchelMick on Today at 04:01:29 AM »
Yuukoku no Moriarty – 14

A good episode, but hoo boy – that ending…

I think I sometimes fall into the trap of considering Yuukoku no Moriarty an attempt at a faithful updating of Doyle.  It really isn’t, and thus it’s not fair for me to hold it to that standard.  This is nothing new – the series has been doing non-canonical things (and incorporating earlier non-canonical elements) since the beginning.  It’s perfectly free to do that and it’s hardly the first, but the fact is that it can be a struggle for me to remember that.

In most respects I thought the denouement of “A Scandal in Bohemia” redux came together pretty well.  You just have to accept certain pretexts to get there: Irene genuinely got herself in over her head, and Sherlock became emotionally tangled in her situation.  The truth is that his best chance to keep her alive is exactly what he did, putting her into the hands of someone operating outside normal society to protect her.  She’s a threat to the British government as long as she’s alive, and that puts her at risk either at home or abroad.

Taken at her word (and I see no reason not to at this stage) Irene’s ideals actually do seem to overlap pretty well with the James Moriarty.  So it’s no stretch for her to go to work for them, and only logical for them to fake her death in order to facilitate that.  The meeting at the church was pretty believable, with the fake cops and the envelope (which Holmes later burns once he realizes it’s no longer needed) a fairly logical means of ensuring mutual cooperation.  I do wish Sherlock would have figured out the Lord of Crime’s identity by now because I think the dynamic between them is stronger if he has, but I suppose that would take the plot places it’s not ready to go to yet.

I’m less happy with the meeting between Mycroft and the James (and Adler), though it had its interesting moments.  Robespierre being a British agent is a twist, I grant you.  And the idea that he staged the Reign of Terror in order to unite everyone against him is novel, though a bit of a stretch – but it’s necessary in order for Yuukoku no Moriarty to reframe the brothers’ actions through a self-sacrificial lens.  As for Robespierre actually being Sherrinford Holmes, that was certainly out of left field.  Sherrinford is an interesting oddity in Holmes folklore – the only connection to Doyle is that Sherrinford was one of his rejected names for the titular character, but Sherrinford nevertheless shows up in numerous non-canonical Holmes reboots starting in the 50’s (even Doctor Who) as the eldest Holmes brother.

What doesn’t fully grok with me here is Mycroft walking away on the terms he does.  I know he has a secret to protect that’s more personally dangerous to him than even the government (oh wait – he is the government, I forgot) but I don’t feel like he’s getting enough here for what he’s giving up – never mind telling the James about his family connection.  And then there’s the ending – if name-dropping Sherrinford was left field, Adler deciding she was “James Bonde” was right off of Waveland Avenue.  That’s too cute for its own good if you ask me – you don’t need to try and be clever and tie in something that has nothing to do with anything, just to say you did.  Ah, well – I’m still enjoying this trip quite a lot. and I suppose that’s all that matters.


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The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime This Summer

Wakame Konbu's manga about Dark Realm's No. 2, transported to human world without powers
Source: The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime This Summer
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness CG Series Reveals New Trailer, Director, Composer, July Debut

Live-action Umizaru/Assassination Classroom's Eiichiro Hasumi directs with score by Psycho-Pass/JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Yugo Kanno
Source: Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness CG Series Reveals New Trailer, Director, Composer, July Debut
Anime News / Nomad: Megalo Box 2 – 03
« Last post by MitchelMick on April 22, 2021, 05:32:15 PM »
Nomad: Megalo Box 2 – 03

And then there’s Nomad: Megalo Box 2, which is kind of laughing at everything else and contentedly doing its own thing.  Forget the Super League, Nomad doesn’t need the help of a bunch of greedy billionaires and a fixed system – it just does it better than anyone else.  It’s no disrespect to anime to say this series isn’t really like an anime, because there aren’t many like it in any medium you could choose.  I could ask nothing more from the first three episodes of a series, which is all the more remarkable given that I was skeptical about this one’s need to exist in the first place.

What’s most important about this series is without question that it’s beautifully written and (albeit not lavishly) produced.  But I don’t think it can be overlooked that it’s mercilessly condemning the treatment of immigrants in Japan.  That’s a subject that’s normally taboo (they have a lot of those here), and unsurprisingly, given how much the country has to be ashamed of in this respect.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s dressed up as a story about the immigrant experience in America (which is fair game too, no question) that’s allowed this premise to survive to production.  I wouldn’t be shocked if the people who’d be most offended by what this show is about are incapable of realizing that they’re being played.

What’s hard to dispute for me is that Nomad has thematically raised the bar from Megalo Box in every sense.  This is a subtler, more reflective, more somber story – a much more “grown-up” version of what was already a very mature and nuanced premise.  That it so little resembles any conventional anime is unsurprising given that the writers are not anime writers – they work in films and TV drama.  That includes Shinya Shokudou, which is a series (albeit based on a manga) which is similarly focused on the forgotten and disdained in society.

I had only one real criticism of the first two eps, in fact.  That was Joe seemingly kicking the opiates far too easily – and I fully retract it, because Nomad had that covered.  Joe’s withdrawal is ongoing and crippling, and it’s a process that Chief has gone through himself after the death of his son.  We still don’t know what happened with Joe’s downfall, but Nanbu’s appearances are obviously Joe’s guilt manifesting itself with the aid of his withdrawal.  Nanbu was clearly sick, and it seems as if Joe asked him to train him anyway – perhaps “one more big shot”.  Did the overwork cause Nanbu to die sooner than he would have – and this is why Sachio blames Joe?  Or is there more to this than that?

Clearly we haven’t see the last of Sachio, because in order for Joe to move on he needs to make peace not with a ghost but with a living piece of his past, and that’s Sachio.  Chief is making his peace by trying to single-handedly save his village, so he can use all the help he can get.  His reveal to Joe about the theme of his saloon ballad – a call to the restless souls of the dead to return home – only solidifies the impression that was left when Joe had his wolf encounter in the desert.   The implication is almost as if Joe is already a ghost himself, which certainly doesn’t bode well for his prospects with the ending (which haven’t looked too good all along, to be honest).

As a trainer, Joe is exactly what Chief needs.  He knows the ins and outs of these tournaments, and basically counsels Chief to play rope-a-dope for as long as he can and try to save himself for the final match.  But Hikawa’s unnerving calm as Chief rolls through his first match shows that he’s not about to leave this up to chance and Chief’s skill.  It starts with nasty graffiti, moves on to sabotaging water pumps – and in the end, as it always does in these situations, escalates into violence.  I can’t imagine Chief is going to come out of that burning trailer unscathed, but whatever the case what’s happening now is effectively a war.

In a country where immigrants are routinely harassed, verbally abused, and exploited, this is a very edgy course for Megalo Box to take.  And with the country it’s superficially based on undergoing its own rise in white nationalism and anti-immigrant terror, the timing could hardly be more apt.  But in the end, Megalo Box 2 is only as good as the story it’s telling – and even just focusing on the character side that story is already masterpiece material.  It makes such a huge difference when a series comes from someone who clearly has something to say – that alone doesn’t elevate it to art, but it’s pretty much impossible to get there without it.


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Godzilla vs. Kong Film's Japanese Trailer Reveals Cast, Previews Theme Song

Japanese dub casts Mana Ashida, Yuji Tanaka, Maaya Sakamoto, more
Source: Godzilla vs. Kong Film's Japanese Trailer Reveals Cast, Previews Theme Song
Weekly Digest 04/18/21 – Shakunetsu Kabaddi, Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-

Shakunetsu Kabaddi – 03

It’s 8 episode posts this weekend if you’re keeping score at home (and that’s not counting the BokuYaba video).?  It’s way too much, so this is going to be a brief one.?  I had originally not planned to cover Burning Kabaddi this week, but the episode was damn good – easily the best of the three so far.?  At the very least I wanted to touch base and point that out, but if the next few continue to be at that level it’s going to force me into some very tough decisions.

This episode did a lot right in sports anime terms.?  It provided us insight into Yoigoshi’s competitive nature – the elements that made him such an elite soccer player and that led to his eventually crashing out of the sport.?  His relationship with Azemichi was interesting to watch play out, especially as the latter started standing up for himself.?  And it continued to provide insights into the nature of this very strange sport, to the point where I’m almost able to convince myself I understand it.

So – good sports anime there.?  That’s always a tough thing for me to say no to, but life sometimes calls for compromises.?  Just know that if I don’t cover this show next week it’s not because I don’t like it (unless it jumps the shark, but it probably won’t do that).


Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- – 04

Wow, was that hokey.?  Well – by contrast with Shakunetsu Kabaddi, I’m pretty confident that Vivy isn’t going to make the cut.?  There’s some good stuff going on here, but even if it isn’t literally one this series plays like a light novel adaptation.?  The emotional manipulation is too much – the soaring soundtrack in every key moment, the melodramatic situations, the reversion to trope.?  I just don’t get the appeal of this sort of series to be honest, as I don’t think it respects the audience very much.?  On the other hand it is relatively pretty…

When I think of the other stuff Wit could be spending their time on, it grates a little that Vivy is eating into so much of it.?  This isn’t MAPPA we’re talking about – Wit is a studio that’s very selective about what they work on, and as a fan of their work that makes every production that doesn’t click a tangible loss.


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Anime News / Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Film’s Trailer & Cast Updates
« Last post by JameyNaya on April 22, 2021, 07:13:23 AM »
Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Film’s Trailer & Cast Updates

Tokyo Revengers stands out as one of the best award-winning manga. Not only does it blend multiple concepts to generate one masterpiece, but it also carries out the concept perfectly. Ken Wakui has not only written this manga but also brilliantly illustrated it. The manga expanded its influence over the anime and film industry by taking big leaps in 2021. The anime adaptation of Tokyo Revengers premiered in April 2021. But the good news does not end here. A Tokyo Revengers live-action film has also been announced and is on the way.

Tokyo Revengers deals with hardcore action and a curious case of time leaps. But it’s not only about meaningless fight scenes and CGI. Tokyo Revengers brings forward a story of Takemichi Hanagaki on a mission to save his love, Hinata Tachibana through said time leaps. The plotline convinces viewers to find out what would happen ahead. Although seemingly predictable, this manga makes sure to surprise its readers with every new turn of events.

The manga was published by Kodansha in its Weekly Shounen Magazine. It started in 2017 and has been ongoing since. So far, the manga has covered 22 volumes. In 2020, the manga sold a total of 3 million copies. The number then rose to more than 10 million as per the counts in March 2021. Furthermore, the manga was awarded the 44th Kodansha Manga Award in 2020.

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Adapted from the manga, the anime has held on to the standards outstandingly. Now fans are excited to witness the Tokyo Revengers live-action film. Here is every detail we know so far about this upcoming film.

Tokyo Revengers: The Anime

Tokyo Revengers live-action film Release Date

Takemichi Hanagaki and his friends: Tokyo Revengers anime.

As mentioned, the anime adaptation of Tokyo Revengers was released in spring 2021. The first episode premiered on April 11, 2021. It has been produced by Liden Films. The studio’s animation has exceeded all expectations with this new series. As a matter of fact, this series could easily become the star series of 2021.

With only two episodes in at the time of writing, the anime series has already proved its worth. The anime is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Muse Communication. If you like good drama and action sequences along with a sweet sense of romance, Tokyo Revengers might just be the anime you are looking for.

Episode 3, titled ‘Resolved’ will be released on April 25, 2021, on every licensed media.

The Tokyo Revengers live-action film has similar features as the anime. If people have been loving the anime series, giving the live-action a try seems worth the time.

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Tokyo Revengers Live-action Film

Tokyo Revengers live-action film Release Date

Tokyo Manji Gang: Tokyo Revengers.

The film was first announced in February 2020 by Warner Bros, Japan. After much delay, the release date, an official trailer, and the cast and crew have been announced.

Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Release Date

Tokyo Revengers live-action film was previously set to release in October 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release date was postponed. More than a year after the announcement, a new release date was fixed in March 2021.

As per the most recent announcement, the? Tokyo Revengers live-action film is set to be released on 9 July 2021.? The film will be released in Japan. Any announcement regarding an international release has not been made.? 

Hence, it might be a while before people outside of Japan get to watch this movie.


A teaser trailer was released in January 2021. The trailer introduced the characters involved.

On April 21, 2021, the official teaser trailer of Tokyo Revengers live-action film was released.

Both the trailers have been narrated by Hiro Shimono, a renowned anime voice actor. Along with the official release date, the trailer reveals the theme song of the anime, which is “Namae o Yobu Yo”. This song will be performed by Super Beaver.


The live-action adaptation will be directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa. He also directed other popular live-action films such as Kakegurui and Grand Blues. Warner Bros is the official distributor of this movie.


Tokyo Revengers live-action film Release Date

Takemichi Hanagaki and his friends: Tokyo Revengers Live-action Film.

Takemichi Hanagaki will be played by Takumi Kitamura. Takumi Kitamura is a budding Japanese actor who was also cast in the live-action film I Want To Eat Your Pancreas. Naoto Tachibana, future detective, and Hinata Tachibana’s brother will be brought to life by Yosuke Sugino. Hinata Tachibana, Takemichi’s love interest will be played by Mio Imada. Atsushi Sendo, Takemichi’s friend in middle school will be played by Hayato Isomura. Ryo Yoshizawa is seen as Manjiro Sano, the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Sano’s closest ally, Ken Ryuguji is played by Yuki Yamada. Masataka Shimizu, Takemichi’s middle school bully will be played by Nobuyuki Suzuki. A major antagonist, Tetta Kisaki will be enacted by Shōtaro Mamiya. The film will also feature Gordon Maeda as one of the leaders of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takashi Mitsuya. Kisaki’s spy, Shuji Hanma will also appear, played by Hiroya Shimizu. The casting seems quite relatable to the illustrations of the manga. I personally loved how raw the movie is trying to keep itself. The resemblance of the characters to the original source feels perfect.

The movie might not be out soon in international mediums. You can always reach out to the official website of Tokyo Revengers or keep checking in to our site to keep yourself updated.

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Anime News / My Dress-Up Darling Cosplay TV Anime Confirmed
« Last post by Prestamos on April 22, 2021, 07:13:21 AM »
My Dress-Up Darling Cosplay TV Anime Confirmed

Shinichi Fukuda's manga about popular girl roping loner boy into cosplay hobby launched in 2018
Source: My Dress-Up Darling Cosplay TV Anime Confirmed
Anime News / Godzilla Singular Point – 04
« Last post by MitchelMick on April 21, 2021, 08:43:52 PM »
Godzilla Singular Point – 04

I gotta be honest – the combination of jackhammer dialogue, pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo, and not exactly professional subtitles has me stretched to the limit watching this episode of Singular Point.  I feel like I get the gist of what’s happening here but I’m not going to be surprised if I watch a better release and find out I got some stuff wrong.  One thing’s for sure, the production committee is getting their money’s worth from Pero’s seiyuu Kuno Misaki.

Mei is in Dubai, that I’m sure of.  She’s there to meet with Professor Li of course.  Li finally has a voice – that of Kouda Kaho.  And the theoretically impossible material she’s marketing – the “Architype” – is surely at the center of this series’ kaiju mystery.  It’s little wonder Li would want to seek out Mei’s input, since her specialty is the non-existent and scientifically impossible.  Mei is also wrestling with a riddle from Yun, which Pero could clue solve for her but is apparently under orders from his creator not to.

Another key new figure here is Kai Takahiro (Suzumura Kenichi), a “self-employed investigative reporter” who’s skeptical of the official explanations of the radon phenomenon.  The fact that Kai specifically asks whether other kaiju – “quadrupeds, bipeds” – might be out there suggests he knows a lot more than he’s letting on.  His investigation takes him to the forested spot where the remains of hundreds of radon have been laid out.  There he crosses paths with Yun and Haberu, doing some investigating of their own.  Satou-san from the observatory shows up too.  All of these men share a suspicion that something big and terrible is brewing, though Satou isn’t ready to cross the lines and actually help the others figure out what.

Apparently at least a few of the radons are coming back to life, which seems, you know, bad.  Yun is convinced there’s some sort of controlled evolution at play here, though just who or what is doing the controlling is unclear.  Also unclear is what’s going on at the massive secret base we see for the first time here, which I’m assuming is a different secret base than the one where the bones are (and the alarm was coming from), under the observatory.  Kai and the Outaki boys take their search into the trees, following footprints to a secluded river in the woods, on the trail of something bigger than any radon we’ve seen…

Of the title character there’s still no head nor scale, but the kaiju family continues to expand.  I’m still betting that was Manda we saw at the end of Episode 3 and the pre-open here, and as for the beast confronting the soldier in the woods, that was surely Anguirus.  He’s one of the earliest of Godzilla’s stable-mates, turning up in the second film in the series, 1955’s Godzilla Raids Again.  In the context that this is a world that doesn’t know Godzilla exists, franchise tradition would dictate this his first appearance gets teased out til about Episode 6 or 7.


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Source: Godzilla Singular Point – 04
Anime News / Death Note 2: New Live Action Movie In The Making
« Last post by JameyNaya on April 21, 2021, 08:43:51 PM »
Death Note 2: New Live Action Movie In The Making

Death note

In the anime fandom, if there’s an evergreen anime besides the Forbidden 4, it’s Death Note. It’s very common to hear that Death Note was the first anime people watched. Not only is the anime unique, but its contents leave viewers in a trance no matter how many times they watch it. It was later licensed by Netflix for a live-action adaptation. The Death Note 2 live-action movie is also in the making.

Death Note is originally a manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The manga ran from 2003 to 2006, covering 12 volumes. It was then adapted into a 37 episode anime series that has remained popular to date. Following the success of the anime adaptation, Konami developed three games based on this manga.

Two live-action films were released back in 2006 based on this series. Although these films lacked majorly in comparison to the anime, these films were adequately well done. However, in 2017 Netflix released an American live-action version of this anime. This movie was directed by Adam Wingard. The screenplay was written by Charles & Vlas Parlapanides along with Jeremy Slater. This live adaptation of the popular psychological thriller shounen anime series did not succeed as well as the other adaptations. Despite its poor maneuver of the manga, the anime announced a sequel.

Death Note 2 live-action movie has had fans shocked ever since its announcement. However, with some new leaking details, it is starting to gain attention again. Here’s all we know about the Death Note 2 live-action movie.

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Death Note (2017 Film): A Quick Summary and Review

When the movie was announced back in 2015, fans had high hopes of seeing their favorite anime coming to life. The 2017 Netflix film Death Note brought disappointment to the fans of the original manga and anime series. After its release to date, Netflix’s Death Note has received far too many bad reviews than good. As much as I hate being a strict critic, this movie left a sour taste that I couldn’t get over. For whoever appreciates the original genius work of Tsugumi Ohba, they can clearly see the shortcomings of the film crystal clear. Here is where the film went wrong.


Death Note 2 live action movie coming out

Death Note 2017 movie: Light meets L.

The movie, although it wanted to adapt the manga, failed miserably at it. Major details were changed that not only effectively changed the plot but also killed its very essence. Death Note (manga) was a brilliant psychological thriller. It shared one of the most exciting games of cat and mouse between the two protagonists, Light Yagami and the detective, L. Light’s true identity was an open secret for L. The little mind games they play, one to keep his identity hidden and one to reveal it, is what made Death Note a spectacular series. The movie butchers this very idea by focussing on a hormonal teen. What makes it all the worse is the involvement of a foot chase, which ridicules the very basis of Death Note.


Death Note 2 live action movie coming out

Death Note Anime: Light meets L.

Characters in the movie have been changed significantly too. As a matter of fact, an important character, Misa Amane, was completely removed from the plot. She was instead replaced by a completely new character, Mia, who, by the way, Light loves. Light Yagami, as per the original work, was a genius psychopath with a God Complex. Light Turner, on the other hand, was a stupid hormonal teenager who shows off his death note to Mia. In the entire movie, the only point where they lazily try to depict that he is smart is by showing that he does everyone’s homework.

The ever intimidating cold presence of Light Yagami is completely invisible in the movie. The shinigami, Ryuk, voiced by Willem Dafoe, was my favorite character in the entire movie. Yet, sadly and ironically, he was not given enough screentime either.


Death Note live-action was surrounded by more than just negative reviews from angry fans. Shocking discovery about the usage of real disturbing footage led to severe controversies. The movie made use of real images of the 2010 train collision in Buizingen, Belgium. Not only does this fall under the depiction of graphic content to a large audience, but it was also claimed to be disrespectful towards the 19 casualties caused during the accident.

With so many wrongs, what makes Death Note 2 live-action movie worth waiting for?

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Death Note 2 Live-Action Movie

Death Note 2 live action movie coming out

Death Note 2017 movie: L.

The sequel of the 2017 Netflix film was announced in 2018. Although there has been an announcement from the director, some great insight has been thrown towards us by the new screenwriter, Greg Russo. For anyone who does not know, Greg Russo also wrote the screenplay for Mortal Kombat and the 2021 Resident Evil movie. Mortal Kombat has received many good reviews from its fans.

Greg Russo has made multiple announcements indicating that he is working on the Death Note 2 script. In 2018, Greg shared his enthusiasm and love for the manga in an exclusive interview with Discussing Films. He talked about the various perspectives of the source material that he wants to play within his script.

Later, in September 2020, he tweeted that he had been working on the script and that it was ‘consuming a large part of his life. Moreover, he has often indicated that his interests lie in sticking close to the original manga. According to Russo’s claims, Death Note 2 live-action movies will have unexpected bits with a taste of horror.

A release date is far from being announced, but it is confirmed that a sequel of Netflix’s Death Note will be arriving in the near future. How well the writer pulls it off this time does pique some interest, especially because of the hype Russo has been building. Yet, would it be enough to completely fix the damage done by the first movie? Watching the Death Note 2 Live-Action movie on its release is the only way to find out.

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